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Cindy Goldman

An award-winning Graphic/Advertising Designer for more than 38 years, Cindy began designing furniture in 2003 and started her apprenticeship to build furniture in 2011. She fell completely in love with woodworking. It was during that time that she met Master Fine Art Wood Marquetry Artist Spider Johnson. He would become her mentor, dear friend, and collaboration partner in 3 of Hearts. Together, they create masterful custom fine art marquetry pieces as well as commercial items for businesses and private individuals.


Cindy lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband Greg and their dog, Kayla. She has two grown daughters, was formerly a professional musician, is a considered a great cook (by people other than her family!), and serves on the Board of Directors of local non-profit Project Transitions, serving people living with HIV/AIDS.

Spider Johnson

Spider Johnson has been described as a Renaissance Man. As a professional artist, he works in various media - photography, bronze, watercolor, and acrylic - but primarily in wood to create rare and beautiful artworks with a vast palette of different wood species in an extremely complicated art form called Marquetry.


As a musician, he plays several instruments (the musical saw being the most unique) and performs original Texas music, recording and performing with music notables over the last 40+ years.


He is also a writer, with works ranging from satire to wilderness essays to contemporary transformational philosophy. He is an eternal purveyor of beauty, irreverence and liberty, among other topics. 

​He is a Freemason, ​computer wizard, marrying minister, motorcycle rider, fly fisherman, backpacker, exotic tequila fancier, and friend to many. He served in the Texas State Senate as a press agent before leaving government as soon as possible to get into an art career.

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